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Bolin/Shazam: Champion of Magic




Long ago, when the forces of good fought against the forces of evil, when demons and spirits waged their wars, there was a man named Teto-Adam. He was a slave, as were his people. Forced in to a harsh life of servitude to a tyrannical warlord. Forced to work in the warlord's precious diamond mines. Forced to partake in and watch the slaughter of innocent people all across the world in wars waged by the mad tyrant.

For years his people wished for salvation, to be free again. But after decades of slavery, all hope seemed lost. Then, on one particular day, everything changed. Teto-Adam managed to escape, fleeing from the land in order to send a message to the Avatar.

But his attempt at escape did not go unnoticed. The warlord sent his greatest hunters and soldiers to find him, to kill him before his message could be delivered. They failed.

In an attempt to escape the warlord's men, Teto-Adam leaped off the edge of the cliff and plunged into the watery depths of the ocean. He should have died. But he did not. Instead, he was transported within the halls of a mystical place, a fortress of magic.

The Rock of Eternity.

A place of myth and legend, a place as old as time itself. A nexus of all forms of power and energy converged: mystical, physical, spiritual. The very heart and soul of magic. It is here that Teto-Adam was greeted by an all-powerful spirit, a spirit who's very form was that of a white-bearded wizard.

For countless millenia, the Wizard watched as the forces of good and evil battled. He then came to a realization. He would no longer stand by and let the forces of evil plague the world. He would choose a champion, one whose destiny would be to wield the greatest power the world has ever seen. Mystical, physical, and spiritual powers and energies beyond comprehension. Magic from the Rock of Eternity itself.

And that champion would be Teto-Adam. He would be bestowed with the wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage and speed of gods/spirits. It was his destiny to be the champion of this world. It was his destiny to protect the world, the people, the spirits, and everything that existed.

Upon receiving this gift, this greatest of honor, this great power, Teto-Adam immediately sought to free his land and the very people who lived there from the barbarian warlord.

In mere hours, Teto-Adam laid waste to all those who followed the evil warlord. Entire armies were slaughtered without mercy. And the tyrant himself was killed, his body brutally ripped in half by Teto-Adam's own bare hands. Then, for the first time in decades, his people were now truly free. Free to live their lives, tied only by the bonds that they themselves would choose.

It was weeks later when the Avatar arrived, discovering that this land and its people had been freed. It was then that she met the transformed Teto-Adam. A bond of friendship soon formed between them, a bond that would grow in the years that passed. Together, the Avatar and Teto-Adam vanquished the evils that plagued the physical and spiritual world. But it wasn't enough for Teto-Adam.

He never forgot how his people suffered. He never forgot the rage and pain he felt being a slave to a tyrant. And he never forgot the lands he visited with the Avatar, lands that were ruled by leaders who enforced their will upon the people. In his mind, they were all evil and treacherous, each capable of being monsters. In his mind, it would only be a matter of time before they persecuted their people and enslaved the world to their wicked wills.

With this belief in mind, Teto-Adam sought to purge the world of these leaders. He would eliminate these men and women whom he believed would eventually cause nothing but death, destruction and misery to the world and the very people who inhabit it. He swore to save the world from those who wished to enslave it.

Once these leaders, these tyrants were disposed of, Teto-Adam would rule the world forever and reign as the people's benevolent champion. Their one true king and protector. Their living deity. Their God.

He wasted no time in undertaking his ambitious quest. His first victim was the Fire Lord, whom Adam brutally decapitated by viciously ripping his head from his body. Within the city, the Avatar heard the news of the Fire Lord's demise at the hands of Teto-Adam. She immediately went to confront him, to see if this was true. When she arrived at the palace, her worst fears were realized.

The Avatar looked upon Teto-Adam as he sat in the throne, his hands drenched in crimson blood. She did not see the friend she had come to know, she did not see the man she once loved. In her eyes, she seen only a malevolent god, a man corrupted by power and anger.

He told her of his agenda, offering her the chance to join him and be his Queen. The Avatar immediately refused his proposal, stating that she would never ally herself with such a monster. Enraged and heart-broken by her supposed betrayal, Teto-Adam lashed out at the Avatar with unbridled fury. Their battle was short, but devastating as it laid ruin to the palace of the deceased Fire Lord. Before he could destroy her, the Wizard appeared and confronted Teto-Adam.

Ashamed of the abuse of power and the horrific things he had done, the Wizard denounced Teto-Adam as the champion of Eternity. He would forever be marked for his crimes. No longer would no longer be Teto-Adam. His name would reflect the darkness that had consumed him. He would be forever known as...

Black Adam.

However, the power bestowed upon Black Adam could not be removed, not even by the Wizard. Nor could any being on the planet harm him. This did not stop the Wizard from incapacitating Black Adam with his magic, for he would face judgment and be punished for abusing the gift that the Wizard bestowed upon him. The Wizard would proceed to banish Black Adam to the furthest star in the Universe. And so he did.

But the Wizard knew that Black Adam would one day return to seek vengeance. Until then, the Wizard began searching for another human being, one who was pure of heart to fulfill and embrace the mantle of being the champion of this world and its people. As the centuries passed, the Wizard began to fall into despair.

Then, after 5,000 years of searching and observation, the Wizard finally found one who is worthy of the mantle of power. One who was worthy to be the protector of this world. A true champion whose heart was pure and untainted, despite the hardships and tragedy he had endured throughout his young life. It was he who would become the champion of power and magic. It was he who would defeat Black Adam.

Bolin: Champion of Magic- Prologue

Author's Note

My latest piece of fiction that is both a celebration of Book 4 of Legend of Korra & the upcoming 75th Anniversary of Shazam/Captain Marvel/Captain Thunder. He's one of my favorite DC Comic heroes, and likewise Black Adam is one of my favorite anti-heroes. I've been planning this story for quite some time.

I always thought that Bolin would be the perfect choice to accept the mantle of Shazam and become the Champion of Magic. He's pure, selfless, fun, caring, loyal, brave, and just a great human being in general. If any person deserves it, it'd have to be Bolin. No contest.

I honestly can't wait to write and post more chapters of this story. It's gonna be very fun and very cool! I've taken inspiration from the classic stories, as well as Geoff Johns' New 52 Shazam & the animated Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam short film. And I have a feeling that all of you are going to enjoy this story.

This musical theme, one that all of you are sure to be familiar with, is one that I believe fits the prologue's story perfectly. Don't you agree?…

Fun Fact: Teto-Adamu is Japanese for Teth-Adam; Burakku Adamu is Japanese for Black Adam.

Preview Image By: Gary Frank

Shazam and related characters (C) DC Comics

Korra and related characters (C) Nickelodeon

First; I would like to present the official trailer for Legend of Korra- Book 4: Balance.

Let the awesomeness wash over you.

Next I would like to announce an upcoming project, one that is both celebrating the Legend of Korra series and the upcoming 75th Anniversary of one of my favorite DC Comic characters. Instead of out-right revealing it through words... I will do so with these images.

Bolin is...

Yeah, that's right.


I'm going to officially begin my next project very soon, perhaps during or after the finale of Legend of Korra: Book 4- Balance! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this project. However, I should state/reveal two things: Bolin & Korra (Borra) will develop a relationship beyond that of best friends in this story.

And as for the main antagonist, well, I'm sure you're all very familiar with him. ;)

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I would first like to talk about two comics that I regularly read every month, both of which star the Green Goliath known as the Hulk. In the latest issue, Hulk #6: Omega Hulk Part 2, we see Doc Green (the new Hulk persona) battle A-Bomb/Rick Jones.

If you want more information, be sure to check out my review which can be found here.…

Speaking of which, here is an advanced unlettered preview of Hulk #7: Omega Hulk Part 3!!!

Skaar vs. Doc Green... in the Savage Land!!!!!

One of the biggest, and most surprising, bits of news that I heard recently is that Book 4 of the Legend of Korra will be debuting October 3, 2014. After the incredible finale of Book 3, I'm honestly excited about this final chapter of the series. And, if I'm honest, I am also sad that it is coming to an end.

I can only hope in a few years that we get another Avatar series, one that has all the heart and charm of Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra. If not that, I would be more than welcome a comic book series. :)

I just hope we'll get a trailer for Book 4 soon. Until then, here's an exclusive clip.

The first arch of Savage Hulk, written and illustrated by legendary Alan Davis, came to an end this week. It was a truly incredible climax! A very entertaining series! I'm looking forward to future story arches of this series.

And I can say, without a doubt, that people should be thankful that Hulk/Banner only focus their power through strength/brute force alone. If they would focus their power into other abilities, those abilities would be as infinite/limitless as the Hulk's strength. Take a look!

And one of the biggest bombshells of the week...


'Nuff said.

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The Balance of Power


Chapter Eight


The Escort; Obtaining the Heart


Manhattan Isle, New York City

Central Park

In a flash they arrived, thanks in due part to Dr. Banner's teleportation technology, and set foot on the tar-covered path. Overlooking the pond, Korra's eyes widened as she stared in awe at the towering skyscrapers not too far in the distance. She then began observing her surroundings, her sapphire-hued irises taking in everything before her. It was a beautiful summer day, the light of the sun warming the surroundings as a calming breeze gently passes.

Tourists were exploring the sights, taking pictures and doing other various activities. Families were having fun, settling down for picnics or partaking in joyful games. Some people were walking their pets, including a few large dogs that reminded Korra of her beloved Naga. Insects were humming in the trees, birds were chirping and flying through the air gracefully, and a few rogue squirrels proceeded to gather their nuts for the coming winter months.

It's so peaceful and tranquil. That is until Korra unleashed a loud 'whoo-hoo' that caught Dr. Banner and Skaar completely off-guard, not to mention having the effect of startling the surrounding people and causing them to glance in her direction. She was excited. Very excited, to be precise.

She had been wanting to explore this new world, especially after being cooped-up for way too long in that base that was, more or less, in a barren wasteland in the middle of nowhere. She turned back to Skaar and smiled, a smile that he returned. He liked to see her this way, happy and carefree, free of the turmoil and angst brought on by her being cast out from her world. Before he could react, she grabbed his arm and began pulling him along with her as they sprinted away.

"Come on, Skaar! Let's go!", Korra cheered, rushing off with her friend.

They didn't get too far. A firm hand belonging to a certain nuclear physicist stopped Korra and Skaar dead in their tracks as it came to rest on the female Avatar's left shoulder. She should of know that Dr. Banner, also known to her as Mr. Killjoy, wasn't going to allow her free reign to explore the city.

"Hold on a second there, Korra. You didn't honestly think I'd let you and Skaar wander around Manhattan without someone else keeping you under close observation, did you?", Dr. Banner said, a slight smirk appearing on his face.

"Pfft! Figured there would be a catch.", Korra grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest as she took on an annoyed expression.

"You don't know this world, let alone this city. And while I know you and Skaar are more than capable of taking care of yourselves, I'd prefer if our visit would remain secretive. The last thing I want is either of you two tearing up the city or slugging it out with its heroes.", Dr. Banner stated, making it quite clear to her as to why he did not want her running around the city unsupervised.

"Why not? I bet me and Skaar could take them!", Korra jests, draping her arm around her best friend's shoulders and giving him a playful squeeze.

"Heh.", Skaar chuckled, a devious smirk forming on his features.

"You won't have to. She should be here any minute.", Banner replied, looking down at his handheld device.

"Yeah, I'm not too keen on having a bodyguard, let alone a babysitter. What about you, Skaar?", Korra remarked before asking her comrade in arms.

"Not really. I fought monsters and barbarians alone on Sakaar since my birth. I can take care of myself.", Skaar answers in response to the Avatar's inquiry.

"See? We can handle this. Go see this Reed Richards or whatever his name is. We'll be fine on our own.", Korra said, trying her best to convince Skaar's father to let them go off by themselves... and failing miserably.

"You won't be on your own for long, because she'll be arriving in a few seconds.", Banner assured them, not even bothering to glance over his shoulder at Korra and Skaar.

"She? Who are you talking about?", Korra questions, arching an eyebrow as she placed her hands on her hips.



Something, or rather someone, smashed feet first into the earth less than a couple hundred yards away from where Skaar, Korra, and Dr. Banner stood. Once the dust had settled, they could make out of tall, feminine figure. It was then that Bruce Banner approached without any semblance of caution or fear, seemingly knowing that it was the person he'd been expecting. The person, whoever she was, advanced until she met Banner halfway. It was then that Korra could better make out the woman's unique, yet familiar appearance.

It was quite clear that, given her green skin and size, that she was definitely a She-Hulk. She was smaller than Jen or Betty, but she still possessed a very solid, lithe build akin to the other She-Hulks. Her attire, a one-piece suit made of unstable molecules that was not unlike those worn by the other She-Hulks and the superhero team known as the Fantastic Four, consisted mostly of crimson and golden hues. Her hair was of a natural crimson-red in color, its length exceeding down past her shoulders; her eyes were of a gentle emerald, reminding Korra of Asami Sato in some aspects.

She was known to many as Lyra Banner, the Savage She-Hulk, the daughter of Thundra and the Hulk. Since arriving to this world, she has fought to protect this world alongside her fellow heroes, including the other Hulks. She was trained, and often partnered, with Jen and Betty before she was enrolled into the Avengers Academy. It was there that she made friends with teenage heroes close to her own age, including Laura Kinney, the female clone of the mutant Wolverine who went by the codename of X-23.

"Sorry I was late. Laura was a bit ticked off and needed someone to talk to. She wasn't too thrilled to hear that my little brother was hanging out with another girl.", Lyra spoke in a nonchalant tone of voice.

"It's good to see you again, Lyra.", Dr. Banner replied with an honest smile.

"Father.", Lyra said in a low voice.

"Who is she?", Korra questions, leaning in close to speak with Skaar, her voice just short of a whisper.

"She's my sister.", Skaar answers casually.

"Whoa! Hold on a second! You have a sister... and you never told me?", Korra exclaimed, her outburst not going unnoticed by either Banner or Lyra.

"Well, she's actually my half-sister. Same father, different mothers. And I didn't tell you because you never asked.", Skaar clarified calmly.

"Oh, I see how it is.", Korra said, pretending to be offended.

"What?", Skaar asks, arching an eyebrow as he stared at his friend.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just wondering what other secrets you're keeping from me.", Korra answers, immediately getting a verbal reply from the teenage Oldstrong.

"And I guess you don't have any secrets?", Skaar retorts.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't. That's for me to know, and you to find out.", Korra responded almost teasingly, giving Skaar a rough, friendly push.

"Is that a challenge?", Skaar inquired with a dangerous smirk.

"Maybe.", Korra answered with a playful smirk of her own.

"Ahem! Korra, I would like to introduce you to my daughter: Lyra.", Dr. Banner said, introducing the red-haired heroine to the multiple-element manipulating teenager.

"Hi. It's an honor meeting you.", Korra greets with a wave.

"Likewise, Korra. I heard a lot about you from Jen, Betty, and Marlo. I told a few of my friends about you, and they wouldn't mind meeting you. Oh, and just so you know, you might want to be on the outlook for a girl named Laura Kinney. She's about 5'6", has long dark hair, green eyes, and she kinda has a dark & brooding personality.", Lyra greeted in return while informing the female Avatar of a certain mutant individual who was most likely going to hunt her down and confront her directly at some point or another.

"Okay... why?", Korra asks, appearing a bit hesitant and confused.

"She's very fond of my brother, and a bit overprotective of him. When I told her about you... well, let's just say she wasn't too excited about it.", Lyra answers.

That was a major understatement. If she was really honest, Laura was raging enough to make even the Hulk proud. It all started when Skaar began visiting and staying at the Avengers Academy. He would spend days, even a few weeks there with Lyra and her friends/classmates, as if he were on some kind of vacation when he wasn't at Gamma World or out exploring the planet with their father. During that time, he formed a very close bond with Laura Kinney.

Surprisingly enough, the son of Hulk and the biological daughter of Wolverine had a lot in common. They both have fathers with anger issues, their early lives were very tragic and horrific, they were seen only as monsters to most of the world, and they both went through plenty of obstacles and trials in order to find themselves and decide their own destiny. It was only a matter of time before Skaar and Laura became close friends, though Lyra could sense that there was something more, that there was a spark between them.

However, when questioned, neither Skaar nor Laura admitted anything to Lyra, but then again... their reactions more than answered her inquiries. They cared about one another greatly, that much she was certain of. This was only further proven to Lyra when she mentioned Korra to her fellow classmates, including a very enraged Laura who marched off to brood alone. She could only begin to imagine what would happen once Laura and Korra met face-to-face. It most likely wouldn't be pretty, she was sure of that fact.

"Do you know who your sister is talking about, 'cause I'm not sure I do.", Korra said, looking to her friend for a further explanation.

"Laura is one of our friends. She and I are... kindred spirits. We've experienced similar pasts.", Skaar stated after releasing a light sigh.

"You mean she was born on a fiery, monster-filled planet?", Korra asks, arching a disbelieving/challenging eyebrow.

"No, but she was created to be a weapon, trained to be a killer, and considered a monster by most of the puny humans. But she isn't. She's just different.", Skaar informed, trying to make Korra understand as best as he could.

"So... she's kind of like you. That doesn't sound so bad.", Korra said with a light chuckle.

"He failed to mention that she's got a wicked temper, and that she has a pair of retractable metal claws in each of her arms.", Lyra chuckled, looking on as Korra turned to glare at the Savage She-Hulk's half-brother.

"Really, Skaar? You couldn't tell me that?", Korra deadpanned.

"You didn't ask.", Skaar responds in his usual monotone voice.

"Now that you're all acquainted, I'll be on my way. Make sure you keep them out of trouble, Lyra.", Dr. Banner said, getting ready to use his Banner-tech device to teleport himself to his intended destination.

"I'll try my best, but I'm not making any promises.", Lyra replied.

"Fair enough.", Dr. Banner said with a smirk.

"Oh, and Korra...", Dr. Banner spoke, waiting for a verbal response from the female Avatar.

"Yeah?", Korra responded.

"Don't cause any trouble. You know how I get when I'm... perturbed.", Dr. Banner stated in a stern tone of voice, not that it had much effect on Korra.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever.", Korra grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

Then, with a touch of a button and in a flash of light, Dr. Bruce Banner disappears from the area, teleporting to the Baxter Building where he was scheduled to meet Dr. Reed Richards. Now that her biological father was gone, Lyra turned her attention back to her half-brother and his new feminine, multi-elemental friend. And she knew just what they all needed!

"Okay, guys! Now that I'm in charge, it's time for a little sight-seeing and fun! Who's with me?!", Lyra shouts out in cheering declaration.

"Count me in!", Korra exclaimed in full agreement.

"Let's bathe the city in blood.", Skaar added, his somewhat sinister remark causing both Korra and Lyra to stare at him.

"Uh... nice one?", Korra manages to speak, an awkward smile gracing her features.

"I think you meant 'let's go paint the town red', little brother.", Lyra stated with an amused chuckle.

"Whatever.", Skaar scoffed, shrugging his shoulders.

And with that, the three young adults set out on their adventure through the city of Manhattan. Unknown to them, they were all currently under the surveillance of several beings. One was a representative of an entire meta-human race; another is a member of a secret organization that protects the world from the dangers that would threaten the planet; and then there was the heroes who sought to protect the city. They were aware of their presence, and they'd continue to monitor their activities until it was time to take action into their own hands.


On Another World, Within Another Universe

The Nexus of the Spiritual and Physical World


A powerful burst of Old Power energy slams into the last Elemental Guardian, ripping through the earth, water, fire, air, and energies that made up its form. It collapsed to the temple floors, motionless and devoid of life much like its fellow Guardians. But Hiro-Kala knew better, he understood that it would only be a matter of time before the Elemental Guardians reformed to challenge him again. He had to act swiftly if he was to retrieve the Heart.

Marching towards the stone column where the Heart resided, Hiro-Kala let a sinister, triumphant smile form on his face. However, just as he came to a stop at the stone column, a mystical force-field manifests and encircles the Heart. It was a last line of defense, the only thing protecting the Heart from Hiro-Kala and keeping it out of his grasp.

Unleashing a primal scream, Hiro-Kala summons the Old Power to his fingers, the energies creating ten, talon-like claws. Lunging forward, the Old Power energy talons pierce through the mystical force-field, and with a mighty heave, Hiro-Kala rips it asunder with a ferocity that mirrored that of his father's own. For a few seconds, he merely stares at the radiant, glowing oval-shaped object that rested atop the stone column. Reaching forward, he grasped the Heart of this world within his hands and lifted it from its resting place atop the stone column.

Bringing the mystical/spiritual artifact closer to his heart, Hiro-Kala absorbs the radiant object into his very being, creating a blinding burst of powerful energies that merged with his Old Power. Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Energy converged around Hiro-Kala, lashing out at the surroundings with the might of the most powerful of hurricanes and tornadoes this world has ever seen. Now he not only possessed the Old Power, but the raw elemental powers of the Avatar and the immense mystical/spiritual power of the World-Heart. He was now one of the most powerful beings to have ever walk this world.

"The Heart is mine.", Hiro-Kala proclaims in a whisper.

Despite that he succeeded in obtaining new-found power to heighten his already immense might, he knew that there were still other tasks that needed completion. A dark, endless army had to be awakened, to be wielded like a sword to slaughter the people of this world. The Celestial Darkness, Aku-Tonrar, must be freed of its imprisonment and unleashed upon all that stood against him. Only then would he be able to triumph over his enemies, only then would he take this world and create a new Sakaar. And once that was done, his reign of power over this universe would begin.

Utilizing his incredible mastery of mind and body, Hiro-Kala summons a portal from the very spiritual/mystical energies of the planet, an ability derived from the World-Heart that he had consumed and merged within himself. Stepping forward, Hiro-Kala walks through the portal, disappearing from sight. And just as suddenly as he disappeared, so did the portal blink out of existence. Conquest was at hand. Nothing would stand in his way.


Hear my cry.

My eyes are burning.

My heart is ice.

My night is full of death.
The Balance of Power- Chapter 8

Author's Notes

Robin Williams


You will be greatly missed. :(

I finally brought in Lyra to the story! Did you think I was going to leave her out of the story? Not a chance! Like all the Hulks, she holds a very special place in my heart. It'd be a crime not to have her in this story! 
So will we see the Laura Kinney/X-23 appear in this story? All evidence seems to suggest that. Will their some jealousy and hostility towards Korra? Perhaps.

Preview Image By- Carlo Pagulayan


First things first.

All that I'm going to say about the Book 3 finale of the Legend of Korra is this.

It was AWESOME!!!!

It was very intense. It left some very interesting inquiries about the premise of Book 4 will be, including the aftershocks of the events that had taken place. The battles were all excellent, some of the best I've seen since Avatar: The Last Airbender.

There was some emotional drama and thrilling suspense, more than I expected. And don't get me started on the touching, and often quite epic (Yeah, I'm talking about Bolin's scene), moments from all the characters both heroic and villainous.

It was basically everything that a season finale should be. More or less, Book 3: Change was excellent! Oh, and the fact that Zelda Williams, the daughter of beloved and deceased actor/comedian Robin Williams, voices the character Captain Kuvira, whom I suspect will play a major role in Book 4 since they introduced her here, really brought a smile to my face.

All in all, this was an excellent season, despite a solemn, bitter-sweet ending that'll shock a lot of viewers to their core. Nonetheless, no fan of either Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra should miss out on this season.

You can watch all the episodes of The Legend of KorraBook 3: Change on this site:

Now, let's us discuss something equally awesome.

As of Hulk #5, Gerry Duggan has taken the helm of the Hulk series. And his 10-12 issue Omega Hulk story is off to an epic, smashing start! We're introduced to a new, powerful, frightening, and extremely intelligent Hulk persona in the form of Doc Green... and he's on a mission!!!

Eliminate all Gamma Beings and Gamma Weapons.

And that includes dispatching/depowering the other Hulks: Skaar, Lyra, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, and Red Hulk.

For more information, check out my review:…

user posted image

user posted image

It would seem that conflict is inevitable. 

Yep, definitely inevitable.

user posted image

But I'm forgetting an equally entertaining comic series in the form of Savage Hulk. The first arch is written and drawn by Alan Davis. It's a must for any Hulk fan.

And be sure to check out the preview for next week's Savage Hulk #3!…

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First; I would like to present the official trailer for Legend of Korra- Book 4: Balance.

Let the awesomeness wash over you.

Next I would like to announce an upcoming project, one that is both celebrating the Legend of Korra series and the upcoming 75th Anniversary of one of my favorite DC Comic characters. Instead of out-right revealing it through words... I will do so with these images.

Bolin is...

Yeah, that's right.


I'm going to officially begin my next project very soon, perhaps during or after the finale of Legend of Korra: Book 4- Balance! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this project. However, I should state/reveal two things: Bolin & Korra (Borra) will develop a relationship beyond that of best friends in this story.

And as for the main antagonist, well, I'm sure you're all very familiar with him. ;)

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United States
My name is Aaron.

I'm a big Marvel Comics fan, especially of the Hulk, Skaar, Thor, Spider-Man, and many others. I'm also very fond of monsters and other sci-fi based beings like King Kong, Godzilla, Transformers, and Ultraman.

Favorite Comic of All Time- Incredible Hulk #611…

I'm great at writing and I hope to get some of my work published in the future.

Currently I'm working on several fanfiction projects because, 1) I want to do so for entertainment; and 2) I want to give fans something to talk about.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Country, Classic
Favourite style of art: Whatever catches my Interest
Favourite cartoon character: Way Too Many To Count!

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